What do they grow?

Tree Map showcasing produce variety in gardens featured on GrowNYC.com. All data was taken from GrowNYC Community Garden Survey 2009/2010. This is the most recent version found on the site.
Interactive Map showcasing gardens featured on GrowNYC that are listed as having produce. Info available features Name of garden/Neighborhood/Type of Produce & If garden is supplier. All data taken from GrowNYC.com

One of the many beneficial attributes provided by community gardens has been the accessibility to fresh produce. An increased number of fruit and vegetable intake is a well known remedy in improving dietary habits. Not only are garden grown foods packed with vitamins and antioxidants, they’re also a great money saver! Research shows you can buy a pack of over 100 seeds for less than $2.oo. This in turn can set forth pounds of produce for the summer. The above maps display community gardens in NYC that are ripe with goods. The scroll over feature in our second map provides indicators about those that give away to local residents and markets. Feed your curiosity by seeing what gardens in your area grow.

I’ve met a lot of nice people here. I’ve learned a lot about horticulture, gardening, what can grow in the city, what can’t grow in the city, you know? 

The people want to connect with their culture from way back. You know, not everybody wants steak and potatoes. Some people want whatever’s growing native to China… And it makes them feel at home that yes, you can grow something that grows  in Tibet here in New York city. Yes, you can grow something that grows in Peking in New York city, or Beijing. People love it. 

-Community Garden member from Liz Christy Community Garden (East Village, Manhattan)

It’s rewarding, you know, just to watch a seed. You put a seed in  the ground. And then, you know, months later you have strawberries, you have tomatoes, you have cucumbers, you have squash. I mean, that was a big joy.

-Community Garden member from 100 Quincy Community Garden (Bedford-Stuyvesant , Brooklyn)