Where are they?

Interactive Map with data taken from https://data.cityofnewyork.us/dataset/GreenThumb-Garden-Info/p78i-pat6

 This is a map of where to find NYC’s “Digitally listed” gardens via data found on Greenthumb and OpenNYC. There is no official or state website that lists all community gardens and their current “status.” Status is based on Greenthumb’s evaluation of the community garden’s activity. While the map shows a plethora of green, upon closer inspection, you’ll see there are some “Unlicensed Active” gardens. This can mean that these gardens are portrayed as a community garden but not recognized by the city and may not have proper regulations. Additionally a zoom in closer can show that some community gardens are closed due to either construction or abandonment, while the many “purple” labeled gardens are classified as “Not Greenthumb” recognized.   

We can see how this map can be helpful to the community as a local resident mentions

I mean, I had one woman that came into the garden earlier today. She said she’s been living here for six years around the block, she did not know there was a garden here and I said, okay, fine. Let me show you the garden. Tell your friends about it.

-Community Garden member from Liz Christy Community Garden (East Village, Manhattan)