How to find them?

In the age of the internet, it is rare for individuals and groups to not establish themselves through a digital presence. Doing so allows those from the outside to gain insight and information on who you are and what you’re a part of. In order to ensure community gardens thrive, volunteers must consistently be a part of these green spaces. According to data taken from GrowNYC, there are over 100 gardens that have social media or a website listing but about 7 that are still web anonymous. This is just a fragment of gardens in NYC; a bigger study may show that there all still gardens out there that don’t have any information online. If you’re a part of a community garden please do your part in ensuring your garden has a web identity. This will guide more people to take interest, which could then lead to more helping hands!

 “We want more people to know about us. I mean, I look at the traffic on the website. We get about 400-500 hits a day. And some of them, you know, from France, from Italy, other countries. And I get emails, some people say, you know, we see regarding our website, we’ll be in New York in August, can we make an appointment to come in and visit the garden? And I say sure”

“Way back when, when we started, there was no internet, there was an email that was 50 years ago, but now a lot of people hear about us through the internet. That’s where we’re trying to push it more.” 

-Community Garden member from Liz Christy Community Garden (East Village, Manhattan)