About Us

Benjamin Mørch graduated from Copenhagen University in 2017 with a B.A. in Ethnology and Visual Anthropology. His main academic interest has been working with processes of othering or the figure of ‘the stranger’ in the media and education system often with a feminist scholar framework. During his bachelor’s he focused on ethnographic fieldwork using visual and audio methods, and developed workshops about cultural history for educational use. Since then he has used his skills in different settings and worked on documentaries- as a teacher, ethnologist conducting fieldwork and campaign leader for an NGO. His interest in pedagogy using media and digital tools has grown in the last few years where he has worked making educational material for high schools students and as a teacher. He is currently a first year M.A. student in Digital Humanities, and he hopes to explore and learn more about digital pedagogy and skills in digital tools for educational use. In the project “Welcome to the Digital Garden” his main task was to design and conduct a smaller ethnographic fieldwork with selected community garden members. Additionally he has worked with the user experience and development of the final site.

Faihaa Khan graduated from St. John’s University with a B.A. in English in 2017. Her bachelor’s education focused on literary studies and journalism. Skills attained in those fields have led her to various job opportunities. In 2015 she worked as a lifestyle blogger and fashion intern at World Bride Magazine and in 2016 she worked as a Corps Member at Jumpstart; an early education program designed to help preschoolers from under resourced communities improve language and literacy skills. Present-day she is working as a typist/desk supervisor at a New York newspaper alongside editors, reporters and writers. Faihaa is also currently a second year M.A. student in Digital Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center. Throughout her studies she is eager to learn about tech programs and data visualization methods that will expand her arsenal of skills. She has served as Project Manager/Documenter on the digital project known as “Welcome to the Digital Garden”. Her contributions to the project included being the general overseer of the group, keeping track of all info and assisting with collecting, organizing and analyzing data. Additionally she is the main admin, designer and writer of the site.

Nelson Jarrin currently works at a philanthropic organization in the area of operations. He works extensively with reports and excel sheets with a plethora of data. He has degrees from CUNY which include an AAS in Computer Ops: Network admin and Security and a BA in Intl Studies. He combines them both in his career work.  He is looking to use his newfound knowledge of digital humanities in order to aid his colleagues with any sort of data reporting. Nelson’s main task in  “Welcome to the Digital Garden” project comprised compiling the available data found online and visualizing them through Tableau. Nelson has also contributed to the final development and layout of the site.